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At some point before the 12 months, we’d like getting personnel Missouri delegates back once again along for a reunion at all of our latest tuition for Life university

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OUTCOME We attempted our very own better to match most of the outcomes each day from most of the football within our daily newsletters, but we definitely skipped a couple of in some places during the period of the other day. Below you will discover a list of every sport, the delegates as well as how they fared in Seattle.

Athletics (Track and Field) Emily Carroll a�� bronze (100 M go), gold (standing extended hop), sixth put (50 M operate), bronze (softball throw) Brett Harper a�� next spot (800 M operate), 5th (400 M operate), bronze (extended jump) tag Harris a�� sixth place (100 M run), 7th spot (200 M run), last destination (shotput) Shaquana Hobbs a�� silver (run extended jump), 6th destination (100 M run), silver (mini javelin), gold (shotput) Jesse Hodgson a�� bronze (100 M go), bronze (softball throw), gold (50 M operate), bronze (softball place) Lynna Hodgson a�� silver (run longer leap), silver (100 M operate), bronze (200 M run), sterling silver (shotput) Dustin Johnson a�� seventh spot (100 M operate), bronze (200 M run), bronze (mini javelin) Mary McManus a�� silver (run longer leap), gold (200 M operate), gold (400 M operate) 4A�100 M operated a�� Mary McManus, Dustin Johnson, level Harris, Brett Harper (5th)

Bocce Bobby Bates a�� sixth destination (singles) Lisa Berryhill a�� silver (singles) Matthew Davidson a�� last room (singles) Colin Garrison a�� 4th room (singles) Amanda Koch a�� bronze (singles) James Ross a�� sterling silver (singles) Jaime Rosso a�� 6th location (singles) Rebecca Tincknell a�� gold (singles) Doubles a�� James Ross/Bobby Bates (sixth location), Amanda Koch/Jaime Rosso (5th destination) Unified increases a�� Kathy Witmeyer/Becca Tincknell (sterling silver), Larry Hughes/Colin Garrison(last spot), Paul Davidson/Matt Davidson (gold), s a�� James Ross/Larry Hughes/Paul Davidson/Matt Davidson (5th destination), Becca Tincknell/Amanda Koch/Kathy Witmeyer/s a�� Jaime Rosso/Bobby Bates/Colin Garrison/Lisa Berryhill (sterling silver)

Tennis Thomas Cleek a�� 4th place in high performing title division John Hughes & Michael Garrison (Unified set) her dating a�� sterling silver Cade Marian & Doug Marian (Unified set) a�� gold Nick McMullen & Jerry McMullen (Unified set) a�� gold

Bowling Kayla maker a�� bronze (singles) Jeremiah Ellis a�� silver (singles) Brandon Mynatt a�� bronze (singles) Alaina Toliver a�� silver (singles) Unified teams: Trey Toliver/Tyler Busken/Jeremiah Ellis/Brandon Mynatt (gold), Amanda Geno/Erica Koenegstein/Alaina Toliver/Kayla Brewer (gold) Unified doubles: Amanda Geno/Kayla maker (gold), Erica Koenegstein/Alaina Toliver(silver), Tyler Busken/Brandon Mynatt (fourth spot), Jeremiah Ellis/Trey Toliver (silver)

Powerlifting Timothy Bray a�� gold (squat), sterling silver (deadlift), involvement bow (bench push), engagement bow (fusion) Jody Davis a�� silver (squat), silver (deadlift), bronze (bench click), sterling silver (combo) Brandon Mize a�� gold (bench hit), silver (squat, deadlift, combo) Charlie Phillips a�� gold (fusion), gold (bench push), bronze (deadlift), bronze (squat)

Cycling Devin Bock a�� participation bow (50 M butterfly), silver (50 M freestyle), fourth (50 M backstroke) Allison Byrd a�� gold (100 M IM), sixth (400 M freestyle), gold (200 M breaststroke) Joel Chrouser a�� silver (100 M IM), bronze (100 M breaststroke), silver (400 M freestyle) Jessica Grammer a�� bronze (50 M butterfly), fifth (100 M freestyle), next (50 M backstroke) Curtis Herbold a�� silver (50 M butterfly), sixth (100 M freestyle), silver (25 M backstroke) Logan Hulett a�� last destination (100 M backstroke), silver (200 M freestyle), silver (100 M butterfly) Neha Naik a�� silver (25 M backstroke) Libby Waddell a�� gold (200 M freestyle), involvement ribbon (200 M IM), silver (100 M butterfly) 4A�50 M exchange a�� Jessica Grammer, Neha Naik, Curtis Herbold, Devin Bock (silver) 4A�100 M exchange a�� Libby Waddell, Joel Chrouser, Logan Hulett, Ali Byrd (silver)