Literal Fuck Tons of Short Burst Video Clips, Gifs, and Pics

At the very top of the page, you can also easily toggle between hetero, lesbian, and gay porn, allowing you to leave out whatever shit you don’t care to see

It is a pretty ingenious approach to the porn site. It is rare that you come across a site that is doing something substantially different to set themselves apart from the slush pile of millions of porn sites that exist, so it’s always refreshing when a site finds a new angle, a new way to watch porn. And that is exactly what Instant Fap has done.

Video clips are short, so they are set to play on infinite loops. That way, if you really like something, you don’t have to worry about clicking anything to watch it over and over again. But, on the flipside of that, if something really isn’t doing it for you, instantly just click to the next clip. It’s simple and brilliant.

The video lengths, however, could be viewed as a downside to Instant Fap. I, personally, can’t typically get my fap on with such short bursts of porn. Call me old fashioned, but I like to watch a full-length video. And a lot of the clips on Instant Fap are so short that they border on being gifs. I do wish that there were at least a few longer clips on here – I feel navigate to website like the set up would still be perfect … instantly click through an endless barrage of full-length porn scenes? I can see how it might be impractical, but it couldn’t hurt to at least provide a section on the site for the old school fappers such as myself.

Videos are not all that Instant Fap has to offer, though. At the top of the home page, you can choose what forms of media you want Instant Fap to show you. Animated and Video are auto-selected when you arrive, but you can also opt into being shown still images as well. You can also click to be shown the sources of each clip, photo, etc. Additionally, you can customize how the media are arranged. Order thumbnails by Hottest, Newest, Most Popular, or Random, giving you full control over the Instant Fap experience.

Instant Fap is All About You

Speaking of full customizable control, Instant Fap also uses a tag system to organize content. This means that you don’t have to just click through everything that the site has to offer (and, believe me, it is a fucking lot). You can customize your instant fap feed so that you only see teen videos, if you so desire, or, say, yoga pants videos (which appear to be pretty popular here). It is instantaneous fapping at its best, and completely customizable for you and your desires – as every porn site should be.

The thumbnails appear in an infinite scroll, as opposed to a page-by-page clickthrough setup. People are pretty split on infinite scroll, so that may be perceived as a negative for you. Personally, I like a good infinite scroll. However, I need to place emphasis on the word “good” there, because a surprising number of sites can’t seem to get it right, actually, and when new content loads, you completely lose your place. But Instant Fap has definitely figured it out. It is a seamless experience, simply materializing new porno thumbnails with little to no delay as you scroll on down, forever uninterrupted.

Another cool aspect of Instant Fap is the fact that you can browse content by type of media very easily as well. Filter all content so that you only see gifs, videos, webcam recordings, or – and this is the really interesting part – audio. I have never seen this as a feature on a porn site before, but Instant Fap offers up a fuck ton of porn audio clips for you to listen to, separate from the videos. It might be interesting to throw one of these on while browsing their image database. Or ple a porno and make it into a beat. The possibilities are endless it seems at Instant Fap.