I was recently laid off and am having trouble finding a job

We also bought a home that now we struggle to pay mortgage on every month

While i was employed my wife and i were able to afford and pay off two decent cars. While it may look like we are well off (just by looking at what we have) we are not anymore. The only income coming to us is my wife’s pay and my unemployment benefits which is not much to be able to pay what we need to. Will we qualify for welfare assistance showing what we have like cars, a home, and a small emergency fund? wonder123 4 hours ago

my boyfriend is 22 and completely independent. He pays for his own college, food, gas, clothing, bills, everything. He is on his own, living in his step father’s garage, but as i mentioned, completely independent tax wise. He is unable to find a job and currently attending college. Is he eligible for welfare? anon453

It seems that people judge others way too much. I currently work for federal express, and my fiance is working 30 hours a week and going to school full time. we are young adults with a lot of responsibility and not much money. We do not mooch off our parents and work our butts off, and we still can’t make ends meet. don’t you dare make the judgment that we are lazy people when in fact, we have jobs, and we are going to school to do better in life. Sometimes you just don’t make enough. sometimes it just doesn’t work out and you need that little extra to get you through life, and that’s what this welfare system is about. it’s about helping people. i pay my taxes just like every other person, but sometimes, people just need to be a little more understanding. i commute 45 mins to work, six days a week, most of the time twice in one day. i pay my tolls twice a day and i spend so much in gas alone. i need a place i can call home that is closer to work, but i just can’t make the payments. life is hard and in this depression, us teens fresh out of high school don’t get a break. give us a chance. anon450

I know that when i do find a job i will not make as much as eros escort Eugene i was making with my last employer

I am a 18 year old single mother in the state of kansas. My insurance did not cover my pregnancy and will not cover my child. we applied for healthwave and WIC but didn’t receive and help. I am going to college soon and I cannot juggle a child, college and a job. my parents paid most of my expenses and i would like to receive help so they can have more money for their things is it possible for me to be eligible for welfare? anon427

i’m 21 years old from texas and i’ll soon be moving to minnesota. i currently have a job, but will be leaving real soon. i won’t have a job when i get to minnesota not even a car. is there any way i can get welfare until i can get on my feet with a job? thanks. –sam34 anon420

I am 19 years old and i am going to school. However my parents want me out of the house. If i do leave my house, i will be homeless because i do not have enough money to rent a place for myself and i would like to keep going to school. Would i be qualified for welfare? anon418