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In the event your individual (the latest “Recipient”) out-of an alerts of Reported Violation (“Notice”) feels your Find was erroneous otherwise false, and/or one to presumably infringing situation might have been improperly eliminated in reaction so you’re able to a notice since intricate more than, the fresh new Recipient is actually allowed to fill in a bench-notice pursuant to help you A beneficial?512(g)(2) and you will (3) of DMCA. A workbench-alerts is the right way for the fresh Receiver so you’re able to dispute the new removal or disabling away from topic (the brand new “Material”) pursuant to help you a notification. Everything one an individual brings into the a table-notification need to be particular and you may truthful, together with Receiver might possibly be responsible for one misrepresentations which may cause any claims to end up being delivered facing us concerning the Content.

c) A statement highlighting the new Recipient’s faith that the removing otherwise disabling of one’s Topic is actually done this erroneously. To own comfort, another format may be used: